Nils Dunker

Nils Duenker has been active in the German and international film industry for almost 20 years, as a writer and producer. His success as a producer and co-creator was exemplified by the long running, award winning crime series “The Criminalist” for ZDF Television as well as his first look agreement with Monaco Films which resulted in the successful feature film trilogy “Best” directed by Marcus H. Rosenmueller and the large scale production “Destination Freedom” for RTL Television. Prior to this, Duenker was head of production at Helkon Media GmbH, a major force in the international arena at the height of the German Neue Markt boom in the 1990’s.

Dünker started his career in Hollywood in the early Nineties, where he worked with independent filmmakers and gained valuable experience in the art of producing films in the US. Ever since he entertains a lively professional alliance between Europe and the US.

In 2012 he served as Executive Producer of „The Third Person” directed by academy award winner Paul Haggis, starring a.o. Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, James Franco, Adrian Brody, Kim Basinger. Via his Lailaps banner he recently co-financed and executive produced Peter Bogdanovich’s comedy “Squirrel To The Nuts” featuring a.o. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.



Agnes Mandoki

Line Producer


Leon Schömig

Leon Schömig, born on the 27.03.1995 in Würzburg, went on a jungle adventure in Indonesia after finishing his high school exams in the year of 2013. Delighted by the south-east-asian climate and culture, he continued his travels for almost a year, collecting storys and experiences of locals and other travellers. During a detour to Australia, he tried himself as a vine vendor and busker, to afford his way home. Back in Germany he studied media and communications, main emphasis on psychology. After a journalistic internship and an employment as a webdesigner, he is now the intern of Lailaps Pictures.