Lailaps Pictures is an international finance, development and production company for commercially driven filmed entertainment. Its mandate is to produce motion pictures with worldwide appeal in various genres that fall within the sphere of socially conscious narrative. Lailaps Pictures is the brainchild of Nils Duenker and Anatole Taubman, two veterans in the German film industry, who are now branching out into international film production. Based in Munich and Berlin, the company has, at its disposal, substantial capital to fund its operation and development requirements, as well as various sources of private equity to finance its projects. The goal is to build a slate of up to 8 -10 films a year in different stages of production.

Initially, Lailaps is looking to invest in two distinct areas: English speaking feature films with global appeal either as a minor producing partner or full producer, with budgets of up to $25 million and German speaking feature films and television projects, geared specifically to the German, Austrian and Swiss markets

Co-founded in 2006 by Duenker and Taubman, Lailaps was conceived as a brokering house, sourcing and evaluating content from various regions of the world for adaptation in the German and Swiss markets. This led to an extensive international network and a growing desire from Duenker and Taubman to become major players in the international arena.

In 2010, a third non-executive partner joined the fold, the successful Swiss businessman Philippe Gaydoul, who became a shareholder in return for substantial funding to cover operation costs and funding for development and production.

Their most recent producer credit is the critically acclaimed, award winning animation-short “A Lost And Found Box of Human Sensation” directed by Martin Wallner and Stefan Leuchtenberg.